Internet Marketing


Collabo has collaborated with several corporations and individuals in order to help increase their sales and fanbase. Here are a few quotes from some of our favourite customers.

Collabo is a professional agency that gets it done! Working with Collabo really allowed us to extend our global reach and get customers we were missing out on.

Thanks to Collabo, we were able to be found organically on the first page of google for a wide number of keywords and be at the top of the list in PPC advertising.

KCM Solutions Inc, North America

There isn’t enough positive things that can be said about Collabo and what they can do for your business! The money you invest in this company will come back to you and your business tenfold.

Condoor, BC

We get phone calls from internet marketing companies all the time. I always tell them I am very happy with Collabo and would recommend them to anyone.

ConnectsUs has been working with Brad and Collabo for several years now. Huge value. Major return on investment. Brad is a jack of all trades and it’s hard to stump him. Very resourceful and knowledgeable. His response time for getting back to you is the best I’ve ever experienced. Highly recommend.

ConnectsUs HR

Thanks to Collabo I was finally able to shake my bad reputation online. Don’t be another victim of social media!

– Anonymous

We would like to thank everyone who has given us a chance to work with them, both past and present and can’t wait to see what the future has in store.