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Web Analytics

Do you know who is visiting your website and how they are finding it? Collabo’s team of analytic experts will help you gather and make sense of all the numbers that matter.

Through the use of Google Analytics software, we help companies monitor the health of their online marketing campaigns and suggest ways to optimize their efforts for maximum results. By knowing how to analyze stats and through the creation of custom reports, Collabo collects and displays important statistics in an easy to read format that allows business owners to make decisions. Set goals for your advertising campaigns and get notifications everytime a goal is met.

Never be left in the dark again. Know what methods of advertising is working and what is not so you can focus your time, effort and money on the ones that will increase your profits.

Below is a picture of the web anayltics dashboard. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your website stat tracking. Grow your business online with Collabo.

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Call today and start collecting valuable information that will help you tomorrow.